Spray Foaming A Water Treatment Facility

When the Philadelphia water treatment facilities, the aging roof started, leaking city management began to explore solutions. An essential factor in its decision-making was the city's Green Works initiative to become America's greenest city.

The initiative focuses on reducing energy consumption, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and diverting waste from landfills. With that in mind, a closed cell spray, polyurethane foam roof system from West Development Group formulated with Honeywell Solstice liquid blowing agent, was chosen for the project West Development Group and other spray foam producers are finding that solstice LBA is an ideal replacement for HFC foam blowing Agents key advantages include an ultra-low global warming potential of one excellent foam performance across a wide range of surface temperatures, yield improvements, good spray-ability, and a smooth finish. The contractor selected by the city to install the new roof was west roofing systems.

Well, the capital of Philadelphia has been using the spray polyurethane foam system for several years, with good experience with it. So with the city's green initiative and the new solstice LBA and the Loeb GWP, along with WD G's solvent-free silicone coatings fit right into what the city was trying to achieve the increased start value with the spray foam system utilizing the solstice LBA has allowed Us to provide a total R-value of twenty-two point: five on this roof, so that, in conjunction with the bright white, top coat from wdg, has really allowed us to add more value towards the city's Greenworks initiative by coating. The spray foam system with a white silicon top coat it reflects the Sun lowers roof surface temperatures and helps improve durability.

This cool roof technology helps mitigate what is known as the urban heat island effect, where city temperatures rise due to a lack of vegetation. Another priority was to reduce landfill waste recovering existing roof sections with spray foam prevented approximately 4000 square feet of debris from being sent to a landfill. Not only does the spray foam roof offer environmental advantages, but it also provides significant performance benefits.

There'S an awful lot of penetrations on these roofs, as you see here, and one of the critical entry points for the water before we reroute. This facility was around the flashings, so we were able to provide this seamless and fully adhered flashing around all of their penetrations and with all of the mechanical units on this roof. There'S an awful lot of maintenance done to them, so it helped out that we were able to provide these walkways as a finish to the roof. This facility has quite a few divider walls and some roof penetrations. That could be tricky for a lot of other systems, but with the spray foam being able to conform to all of the flashings, we maintain a completely seamless monolithic layer of insulation with the project now complete the spray foam roof system prevents water. Leakage contributes to improved energy efficiency and the city's green initiative. Contact Honeywell today to discuss how solstice LBA can benefit your next spray foam project. You

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