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I read somewhere that the house was built to face East that way you could tell what time of day it was by the way the
Sun comes through the windows:
It seems amazing that I've never been here for sunrise before, but the Sun comes up, obviously really early. I don't try to come here early at all, cuz I like to spend the mornings with my kids Sarah. What am I doing here today? Really early? You asked I got a call last night from the spray foam company that we go with. They said they'd like to show up this morning and do the spray foam.

You know. That'S awesome, I'm glad that they got to me so quickly, but then I totally was not ready. You know I came here last night work till about eleven o'clock and then I came here really early this morning and I'm more ready than I was there's still some stuff that I'm not perfectly ready for, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I can briefly try to explain what I'm doing here, but I want to have a doorway right here. This is a door that I made they're sheetrock on one side. They will fill this 2x6 void with spray foam. That door fits right in there. You always want to have access to your attic, my other, my other attic is on the stone side, and you all know that little tiny door that I have from when I put that ceiling in, and I can get up there right now, but I might not Be able to get up there forever.

This is a much bigger door. I will be able to get into here. If I ever need to so it's essential that it's accessible doing spray foam is interesting. You have to have something to spray too so I curled back in here, and I put tie back up [ Music, ] breathing like this around. I might have made that a little small first like it stuck in the wall.

I should be in the circus. Nine and a quarter by 14 and a half, but this feels good, because this is where I'm losing all my heat from the stone side, and this to get this sealed once and for all I mean granted winter is over. However, to get this sealed up now, it just feels it feels good [, Music, ] breathe in the lightness around. If we hold ourselves together, we'll go far created a space in my head. It was empty, but I know I want to be where you are. Was dinner I had spent those years did not [ Music ] right now, these guys figure he's just stalling yeah. It gets sweltering. As you know, you saw me crawl in there and put the tie back up, but it turns out that tie back is not the best thing to spray too so they took all that out and then use this other stuff. So I went in there for nothing.

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