Spray Foam Insulation

Powerhouse presented by Alliant Energy welcome back an easy way to make sure your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer is to have the proper amount of insulation in your home. We'Re here at a house today where spray foam insulation is being installed. Let's go check it out. This is Mark. I came here with Arctic insulation and market, and we're talking about insulation and foam insulation. There are many different types. Can you tell us a little bit about the options that are available, yeah? The two main types of foam that are out on the market today are open cell foam and closed cell foam, yeah. You used a closed cell. Tell us a little bit about your closed cell foam insulation. Well, closed cell foam has tiny cells that stay trapped when it's sprayed on okay, and that catches the gases leads to strengthening our value in this particular application. We put on about an inch and a half to two inches to help give us a good, sound air barrier, a vapor barrier, and help add to the overall efficiency of the wall.

Now many of our viewers are familiar with blown Ian's insulation we might put up in our Attic. How does that your process here? How does that differ? Yeah? This is the exact same stuff that you would find in the Attic of your home. We basically dense packet underneath of the netting that allows the air to escape out of it. This way, you don't have any settling in the future, but it also is a much more cost effective way of doing it. Okay and and we're talking our value here. What do we expect from this? This wall cavity here is gon na get you around an hour, 30. Okay, now we're looking at the exterior wall for this application: correct, okay and and you're putting down this, what inch or so or how much yeah. This is about an inch and a half to two inches price-wise. What are we looking at a little more expensive here in this particular application? We'Ve gone with a hybrid system that'll help minimize the cost of it. If we were to fill the entire cavity you're. Looking at about 10 times the cost of traditional fiberglass, if you were to fill your entire stud cavity full of foam you're not going to get back in there without a sawzall or something to cut in through it. With this particular system, it's kind of nice because you have the fiberglass in the front that'll enable you to access the law. If you have a plumbing or an electrical problem, now new application, new home application versus retrofit yeah, this would be only in a new construction application. There are other retrofit types of foams available for use, okay and mainly on next to rear walls. Could I use it in my Attic and a ceiling you certainly can use it. Most people are going to option for the exterior wall application. It can be done in the Attic. The hybrid is really a neat way to do it. I mean it's it's economical because if they went in and sprayed the whole house - and what do you say about 10 times as much this way again, they're bringing the best practices to make your house more energy-efficient, now walkest? I know your crews going to be in here working walk us through the process. What what goes on to do? This tell us a little bit of what we'll see happening here. Well, the first thing we're gon na do is we'll come in and we'll prep the wall to make sure that we keep everything good from overspray in this particular application. We don't have windows in yet, but if we did, we would cover all the windows and make sure that everything is safe from getting any overspray on it and then, as long as the optimal temperature is here, we'll go ahead and we'll get started now. I know your crew is all covered up. You have to take some precautions when you're applying this correct. Yes, it is a chemical, so it does have a chemical reaction, so safety is a concern and best to leave it to the experts, the professionals to do this. I would recommend hiring a an expert installer. Yes, okay, what about using spray foam? Other applications other places that, where does worker doesn't work mark the best application to use? It is going to be the areas that you have a hard time getting to your banjoist areas. Gaps cracks things like that. If you have enough money in your budget, you know, then you can move on to things like the walls and the ceilings and again it's all about sealing and keeping the keeping your home tight right and keeping the air and the drafts out correct, yeah air infiltration Is the biggest value of your phone and that's the great thing that you have here correct mark. Thank you, a lot of great information and, if you'd like to learn more about spray foam insulation and how it can help your home visit our website at powerhouse, tv.com

Spray Foaming A Water Treatment Facility

When the Philadelphia water treatment facilities, the aging roof started, leaking city management began to explore solutions. An essential factor in its decision-making was the city's Green Works initiative to become America's greenest city.

The initiative focuses on reducing energy consumption, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and diverting waste from landfills. With that in mind, a closed cell spray, polyurethane foam roof system from West Development Group formulated with Honeywell Solstice liquid blowing agent, was chosen for the project West Development Group and other spray foam producers are finding that solstice LBA is an ideal replacement for HFC foam blowing Agents key advantages include an ultra-low global warming potential of one excellent foam performance across a wide range of surface temperatures, yield improvements, good spray-ability, and a smooth finish. The contractor selected by the city to install the new roof was west roofing systems.

Well, the capital of Philadelphia has been using the spray polyurethane foam system for several years, with good experience with it. So with the city's green initiative and the new solstice LBA and the Loeb GWP, along with WD G's solvent-free silicone coatings fit right into what the city was trying to achieve the increased start value with the spray foam system utilizing the solstice LBA has allowed Us to provide a total R-value of twenty-two point: five on this roof, so that, in conjunction with the bright white, top coat from wdg, has really allowed us to add more value towards the city's Greenworks initiative by coating. The spray foam system with a white silicon top coat it reflects the Sun lowers roof surface temperatures and helps improve durability.

This cool roof technology helps mitigate what is known as the urban heat island effect, where city temperatures rise due to a lack of vegetation. Another priority was to reduce landfill waste recovering existing roof sections with spray foam prevented approximately 4000 square feet of debris from being sent to a landfill. Not only does the spray foam roof offer environmental advantages, but it also provides significant performance benefits.

There'S an awful lot of penetrations on these roofs, as you see here, and one of the critical entry points for the water before we reroute. This facility was around the flashings, so we were able to provide this seamless and fully adhered flashing around all of their penetrations and with all of the mechanical units on this roof. There'S an awful lot of maintenance done to them, so it helped out that we were able to provide these walkways as a finish to the roof. This facility has quite a few divider walls and some roof penetrations. That could be tricky for a lot of other systems, but with the spray foam being able to conform to all of the flashings, we maintain a completely seamless monolithic layer of insulation with the project now complete the spray foam roof system prevents water. Leakage contributes to improved energy efficiency and the city's green initiative. Contact Honeywell today to discuss how solstice LBA can benefit your next spray foam project. You

Spray Foam - 200 Year Old House | Farm House Restoration |

I read somewhere that the house was built to face East that way you could tell what time of day it was by the way the
Sun comes through the windows:
It seems amazing that I've never been here for sunrise before, but the Sun comes up, obviously really early. I don't try to come here early at all, cuz I like to spend the mornings with my kids Sarah. What am I doing here today? Really early? You asked I got a call last night from the spray foam company that we go with. They said they'd like to show up this morning and do the spray foam.

You know. That'S awesome, I'm glad that they got to me so quickly, but then I totally was not ready. You know I came here last night work till about eleven o'clock and then I came here really early this morning and I'm more ready than I was there's still some stuff that I'm not perfectly ready for, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I can briefly try to explain what I'm doing here, but I want to have a doorway right here. This is a door that I made they're sheetrock on one side. They will fill this 2x6 void with spray foam. That door fits right in there. You always want to have access to your attic, my other, my other attic is on the stone side, and you all know that little tiny door that I have from when I put that ceiling in, and I can get up there right now, but I might not Be able to get up there forever.

This is a much bigger door. I will be able to get into here. If I ever need to so it's essential that it's accessible doing spray foam is interesting. You have to have something to spray too so I curled back in here, and I put tie back up [ Music, ] breathing like this around. I might have made that a little small first like it stuck in the wall.

I should be in the circus. Nine and a quarter by 14 and a half, but this feels good, because this is where I'm losing all my heat from the stone side, and this to get this sealed once and for all I mean granted winter is over. However, to get this sealed up now, it just feels it feels good [, Music, ] breathe in the lightness around. If we hold ourselves together, we'll go far created a space in my head. It was empty, but I know I want to be where you are. Was dinner I had spent those years did not [ Music ] right now, these guys figure he's just stalling yeah. It gets sweltering. As you know, you saw me crawl in there and put the tie back up, but it turns out that tie back is not the best thing to spray too so they took all that out and then use this other stuff. So I went in there for nothing.

How To Install Spray Foam Insulation

Today i am going to tell you guys about our experience with foam insulation. So we chose foam insulation because of the efficiency and the value that you can achieve with foam insulation. We ended up going with three inches in the walls and seven inches in the ceiling. The seven-inch ceiling is giving us an hour value of 49, our 49 and then the walls give us an r21.

I believe, so that's we really wanted to go that stupid. Airtight we thought for this climate. It was gonna, be the most appropriate and realizing that it's costly compared to traditional fiberglass insulation. It was definitely one of those things we thought we would invest in and just handle the cost. So anyway, this week we were able to so this week.

We were able to go ahead and get our insulation guys scheduled. They only had a two day, a waiting period so and then they said that they could finish that come and finish the job of two days like it was super fast. So I didn't really know what to expect. I got to witness the whole production somewhat. I mean I wasn't able to be like inside the entire time, but I got to see some of it, and there was a couple of little hiccups. You'Ll see what happened, but it's definitely fascinating and definitely glad that it was something that we went with.

But let me tell you a little bit more about the story. Kind of show. You what's happened this week with our foam installation inside [, Music ], so the insulation guys came and set up this morning. They got the scaffolding in place. They taped off. All of the beams that they're going to be spraying around with a spray foam insulation to help protect them, so it looks like they're gonna be doing this section first, getting that out of the way they said they are gonna be done by Thursday. It'S a lot of work ahead of them, but I can't wait to see the difference between how we're heating now and how we're gonna be heating. After it's all insulated insulation guys, show up right in early the next day, ready to get started, and they've got. You know, loads of gallons of insulation material in the back of their truck, but I find out they require power to do their job. They didn't really tell me the day before I think they kind of assumed we had power, but they actually have to plug in their machine directly into our breaker panel, which hasn't been turned on yet. So I am in a panic that morning because they drove an hour and a half to be here, so I am trying to get ahold of the power company to see if we can get power to the house as soon as possible. Hi Julie. This is Amy Hager. We talked yesterday about doing the meter install - and I was talking about Friday as a good day for that, but I was wondering, if possible, we could do it today as soon as possible. We have a crew here, ready to do foam insulation and they need to be connected to the power grid. They need to be able to plug into the box with breakers to do their work, and so I was just wondering if that's possible, I think you can get someone out here this morning would be great but would hope we can get something together. Thank you even kidding the power company showed up 30 minutes later, and I got to tell the insulation workers that they were gonna be able to do the job. Today it was fantastic, hey guys, there's our meter all hooked up and running there. We go the moment, we've all been waiting for nothing's different. I was expecting lights, the guys got right down to it that came down and stalled their machine to the breaker panel and began working. It is my dream days house they would subvert the plastic, okay and I hit the cover because, okay yeah, we know okay yeah, make sense yeah.

So, okay, once the mezuzah the classes for our future, we want them to pick them up. Maybe the roof plastic. We could take down cuz we're gonna. Do a wood up there, we'll do drywall down here, seven inches on the roof: yeah, okay, Wow, hi, Japan, [, Music, ] Wow - could be a big difference. Wanda look and the fumes were really weren't all that bad. But I didn't really feel like hanging out in there for a very long time without a mask on you here: [ Applause, ]. Okay, here he comes up the hill. He was slipping a little bit with the tires. I don't know if it's too steep for him or if the specks of dirt to lose it's just if he doesn't matter as if he can see what he's doing his. Probably thinking yeah, don't know if I can get all the way up that steep side of the hill. So he's making a go for it, making it up to the really steep section of the hill they're using the bucket to kind of stabilize the machine, so it kind of pushes them up. That'S a good trick. I could have used with the tractor right guys. Well, it looks like the excavation was successful here we go, he got all the way to the good casing, so that's gonna make it easy for them to get the rest of it rest of the line to the house, so huge pile of dirt. Barely enough for a like one truck to come through on the driveway but looks like they got that all done and he was able to get the corner as well. So, Oh job done guys, the house looks totally different with this insulation inside it almost looks like drywall, so, let's take a look, see how it turned out and the insulation is like a cream color, and you can see how it goes over. This is like some of the electrical wiring they just sort of spray it in here we got three inches on the thickness of the wall, I mean you could see why you got to get your electrical done, because, oh my gosh, everything just disappears. The wiring just disappears with the foam. Oh, there's a there's all-electric line right there. So yep you got three inches on the walls, and then we've got seven inches in the ceiling roof area. So the ceiling roof area supposed to give us an hour value of our 49 so really supposed to the heated. Look. How different everything looks. It kind of reminds me of a gingerbread house so now that we're insulated we'll be able to move the wood stove upstairs pretty cool, hey guys, I think we're ready for drywall. So the next thing we're ready for is another inspection sign off, and I just noticed this: they had posted before they left an insulation certificate and it kind of goes over the type of foam insulation. It was CCX closed-cell, spray, foam insulation that was used and our forty-nine value in the attic area and the r21 in the wall area. So pretty cool, I'm glad these guys included it, and this is gonna help. Our inspector, I'm sure he's going to be looking for this sheet, and we can call them. I mean today's Friday, so let's see he'll probably be able to come out Monday. They leave a message, and you can come and sign off on this insulation spot right here and then we just have a few more signatures to go. Of course that's a lot of work between now and then, but I'm glad that we're making progress and it's funny there's some residual spray off of the foam insulation kind of around the house especially downstairs, and it comes off with a stiff brush a little bit of Scraping but just a little bit of a mess, so it was certainly messy earlier when after they'd finished the job, and it was just foam everywhere, you know it seemed like when they were spraying.

If you've ever watched that show strange things and it's like the sky is filled with like I don't know like hard to breathe styrofoam. That is what it seemed like. I just didn't feel that safe being in here without masks on yeah, even though the contractor didn't seem to care. He was all over just directing the the work they had three guys so the general contractor he had one guy up on the ladders and doing all the spraying, just one guy doing all the spring, then the other guy was kind of doing the scraping scraping down The two by fours or two by sixes and the walls to make sure you still have a way to put your drywall on flush, so that was kind of how they operated and they had taped off all of the wood and all of the windows. And I had just like gone to the gym, and in that time it had already moved downstairs and taped off the door. So like that, you saw Viggo and me waiting sitting in the car. We ended up having to wait because they doubted they were doing the job in the basement. So anyway, that's uh. It was a quick job and very efficient and we definitely would recommend them, and I'll put a link to their company business. If you happen to be in Colorado, I think considering spray foam insulation well, what an improvement waking up to temperature inside of 68 degrees instead of 52 or 54 degrees, a huge improvement. So there you have it our whole house completely encased in foam from the inside, and it's just so interesting. When you look at the texture, it looks kind of spooky like something out of a space movie. You know everything. All these wires are totally coated, and foam and I'm upstairs right now, and you might be able to hear that echo some of its dampened, but I think that emptiness of the house is still contributing to the echo, but it's so much warmer. It'S probably, I don't know 60 degrees up here, and it's pretty much been 30 degrees up here before the cold insulation. So the little bit of heat that's coming up from the wood stove is definitely staying in the house. Sting inside. So that's really awesome and the Fact that you know we woke up in the morning and there was only like a 2-3 degree temperature drop from the wood stove going out compared to our normal 10-degree drop. It was a huge big deal to feel like the house can retain its temperature. I went out to the gym this morning came back, and it was the same temperatures when I left, even though I didn't soak up the wood stove beforehand. So it's one of those I think I'm probably more excited about the foam insulation. Then I have been about every other step. So far I mean seeing the house come up and being framed was probably the ultimate, but as far as getting our electricity turned on, I mean we had that short line. So it's not like we were without electricity and the same thing with getting our well done. It'S like, we don't really have the plumbing in yet, so we don't I'm not really experiencing the whole. The joy of you knows all the hot water and all that stuff yeah. So I think, just comfort, wise and security wise having the insulation done, has been a huge big step, and you know so far. What is gonna happen is we'll see how things turn out after the drywall, which we did get her quote, are going forward with somebody. Local in the area contractor to come out and do the drywall for us not sure when it's all getting started, we're still setting that up, but it's probably a one week job. So I think once that's done and all the walls are drywall. That'S gonna feel. Like house and then we'll set the fill it with furniture or whatever yeah, we still have a few more steps. We'Ve got to do the floor and all the cabinets and all that kind of thing so not sure how much we'll still be able to get done before the Christmas holiday before the end of the year. We really wanted to kind of be in here by the end of the year, but as long to be there, how secure, I think you know, get all the major stuff done. Maybe we come back from holiday, and we're all like gung-ho. Then we can move in we'll see, I'm not even sure like one of the cabinet's will be ready for the kitchen, so there's still a lot more to come, but I wanted to keep you guys updated on this installation, because I was so fascinating and just the Fact that they did it in two days the whole complete house is done, and it's solid, I mean we're. Barely heating with like wood, stove and the whole place is staying 68 degrees. So I should probably get a thermometer up here, just to kind of see what the actual temperature is, but I probably could take my coat off.

9So I'm thinking it's at least sixty could be sixty-five, but no good stuff and we're still waiting to heal from the good driller. I talked to them this morning. We'Ve got our trench dugout as you saw and it's dangerous. You know. That'S not a good thing that you want to leave I'll open. So this son of the good driller is the pump installer, so they're doing everything they electric and all of that and they're supposed to be getting back to me this afternoon when to find out. If he's available today, he had one to do this morning, and we're hoping that we won't be the ones to get the afternoon job. So maybe, by the end of the day, we'll have a water pump, worst-case scenario: I might have to wait till Monday, and I hope not because it is supposed to get colder and that dirt can all freezing. We just want to backfill it. So still one more little hurdle to go before we get running water is getting our pump installed and getting the boiler connected, we'll have to call the plumber back for that.

So still a little bit was to come, but we're guaranteed to keep you guys updated. Thank you for joining us on our journey. If you haven't subscribed yet you kind of want to see the turnout of events then just hit the subscribe button and the notification button will let you know, then the instant the next video comes out so you'll be able to stay up to date with that, but Anyway, we thank you for all of your helpful tips and information and advice that you've given us along the way, and it's definitely boosted my spirits. Obviously, I think you could probably tell them a lot more joyful now than I was a few weeks ago. Just about the progress because it's all coming together kind of rapidly, so thanks guys we'll see you next time. Alright, thanks for joining me today!